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Slide from Changing Perception through Storytelling Presentation
Changing Perception through Storytelling

Jenny Bragiel, Volunteer Program Manager with the Loudoun County Combined Fire and Rescue System and Founder of Bragiel Global Consulting, speaks about creating positive perceptions of your organization by telling your organizational story. During her presentation, she challenges the audience’s understanding of perception and pushes attendees to think about their organizational messaging in a new way.

So often we talk about mistakes made in communications. We focus on the negative aspects and how to avoid them. This presentation focuses on the positives and how to build relationships and trust that will help you when something negative occurs. Bad things happen and mistakes happen, no matter how many policies you create or how much you train. Building a positive perception internally and externally can help give your organization the benefit of the doubt. It can help make it easier to get back to a positive place with your community, your local government officials, and your internal members.

Presented at VCOS Symposium in the Sun 2023

Read the VCOS Newsletter Interview with Jenny Bragiel on this presentation to learn more about it.

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Image of VCOS Newsletter Summer 2021
The International Association of Fire Chief's Volunteer Combination Officers Section Quarterly Newsletter.
First slide of Managing Social Media Part 1
Social Media Management Part 1 Workshop

If you are expecting this to be your normal social media ‘how-to’ class, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that this is nothing at all like normal. This session is very hands-on with a great deal of audience participation and small group work.

Effectively engaging your target audiences on social media to recruit, retain or educate them requires strategic thought to conduct effectively. This class will take you through the process of creating a strategic plan for social media and provide you with the tools to take back to your department to enhance and improve your social media presence.

Formerly called Leveraging Social Media for Retention, Recruitment and Education

Presented at:

  • Stafford County (Virginia) Fire and Rescue Department

  • European Associations Summit 2020

  • The Volunteer and Combination Officers Section of the International Association of Fire Chiefs' Symposium in the Sun 2021

  • LSFA 119th Annual Conference, July 23-27, 2024 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

VCOC Facebook Event Cover.png
Leveraging Social Media to Your Department's Advantage Webinar

COVID-19 has emphasized the importance of social media. While we are adapting to this new world, many departments are finding themselves at a loss on how they can leverage the digital world to their advantage. If your department has been thrown for a loop and is looking for valuable information on how they can leverage social media for retaining, recruiting, fundraising and more then you should attend this webinar.


  • Why you should be utilizing social media

  • How to utilize it for public education, events and fundraising

  • How to build a positive community connection

  • How to leverage it for retention and recruitment

This webinar was for the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association's Volunteer and Combination Officers Committee

First Slide of Managing Social Media Part 2
Social Media Management Part 2 Workshop

Part 1 of Managing Social Media focused on creating a strategic social media plan that helped you understand your department's brand, bandwidth, target audience and using SMART goals to measure success. Part 2 will focus on using strategic communications tactics to effectively communicate on social media with your audience based on your goals, message and the social platform you are using.

This is a highly interactive session that will require attendees to be creative, interactive and collaborative. It is designed for a more advanced communicator.

Presented at VCOS's Symposium in the Sun 2021

Coming Soon

Image of a Phone with Social Media Icons
Social Media 101

Do you know what the most popular social media platform is for teens in households with an annual income of under $30,000 is? Learn this and other important information to help you find the correct social media platform for your organization. 

In this interactive webinar we go over the key information and target audiences of each of the major social media platforms to help you get started and find success.

This webinar is currently being developed, but available for scheduling! Reach out to us at to host this webinar.

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