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Open Requests for Proposal

Bragiel Global Consulting is assisting organizations with the management of their projects. All decisions will be made by the assisted organization. The contract will be between the selected vendor and the assisted organization. 

VFCA Website RFP

Screenshot 2022-02-25 075410.png

The Virginia Fire Chiefs Association’s website was developed to increase communication and enhance participation in the VFCA. The website is a resource and repository of information about the VFCA and Virginia’s Fire and EMS service for current and potential VFCA members. The website’s purpose is to assist the VFCA with their stated purpose to bring together at least once a year persons interested in the advancement of the fire service; to discuss ways of improving life-saving and fire extinguishment procedures; to assist in research studies; to serve as the recognized organization for the exchange of ideas, information, knowledge and experiences affecting the safety of life and property from fires; to encourage and assist in the development of public education in fire prevention programs in the Commonwealth of Virginia; to cooperate with all organizations in the promotion of the goals and objectives of the fire service; and to support and encourage the delivery of pre-hospital emergency medical services by the fire service to relieve human suffering.

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